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A New Milestone with CES Education and Repton 

1. I thank you for this opportunity to address you, the parents/guardians of Excelsior International School. As some of you may have already known, Mr Ng Boon Yew, Founder of Excelsior International School, is retiring. He has passed the baton of the school to us at CES Education on 12 December 2019. 

2. As the semester winds down and many of you embark on your winter vacation, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our plans for Excelsior International School. 

About CES Education (CESE) 

3. CES Education (CESE), incorporated in 2018, is the fast-growing education arm of Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd, a company listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange. 

4. Though a new entrant, CESE prides itself as a progressive and forward-looking entity, creating sustainable education offerings to empower and enrich current and future generations of young people throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, we have interests in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, USA, and Australia across more than 10 brands. 

5. Looking at many countries in the region, CESE sees the need for and access to quality education as a pressing issue. An issue, that with our resources, vision and determination, CESE believes that we can play a positive and virtuous role through our contribution and efforts. 

6. Not surprisingly, at the centre of CESE’s capabilities, CESE’s management team comprises mainly Singapore education heavyweights from renowned Singapore schools like Raffles, Hwa Chong, St Joseph's, and Anglo-Chinese. With a combined experience of more than 200 years, some of which closely associated with the Singapore success story in education, CESE is confident that we can bring to our stakeholders a unique value proposition. 

Plans for Excelsior 

7. CESE intends to transform Excelsior into a premium international school operated under the prestigious Repton brand in partnership with the proven regional expertise of CESE. The purpose is to enhance the educational experience and outcomes of all students, allowing them to fulfill their true potential through a curriculum which places emphasis on academic rigour, character development through a strong extra-curricular programme, and an international outlook. Repton and CESE will join forces to deliver this exciting vision in a school which aims to become a landmark in South East Asia able to compete with the best. 

8. Repton already has several outstanding schools under management across Asia and the Middle East and prides itself on ensuring that the highest educational standards are achieved in a nurturing and caring environment, producing young people who are confident and capable of great success and happiness in their future careers. Repton also brings its signature Reptonian House System, its pastoral framework and a challenging curriculum that blends technology, cross-curricular elements, and a broad spectrum of skills to prepare a child for today’s increasingly volatile and complex world. 

9. CESE recognizes that this is a journey for the long haul, one that requires firm commitment and consistent effort by all stakeholders, especially CESE and Repton. To oversee this process, CESE has appointed Mr Bob Koh, Executive Director of Excelsior, to work with the Repton team, Principal, Staff, and you on this journey of transformation. 

10. Mr Koh, a Harvard-trained educator with 30 years of leadership experience in education, has held numerous leadership positions in Singapore schools and the Ministry of Education, Singapore. He is also better known as the former Headmaster of 196-year old Raffles Institution, the top school in Singapore, and the longest serving Principal of Hwa Chong International School. 

11. As we embark on this journey, you can take comfort in CESE’s and Repton’s full commitment to walk alongside you to ensure a smooth transition to September 2020. 

12. In view of the immediate winter break, CESE hopes to meet up with you all on 17 January 2020 to get to know each other better. This will just be the start of many dialogues that we will have on our journey together. We look forward to meeting all of you on 17 January 2020! Meanwhile, you can visit the following links to find out more about us. 

Chip Eng Seng (CES) – CES Education (CESE) – 

Repton School, UK (Repton) – 

Repton International (RISL) – 

13. Should you have any urgent queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of our staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at +607 3 888 999. We will be most happy to offer our assistance. 

Yours sincerely,

Tan Tee How 
Board of Governors 
Excelsior International School 


About Chip Eng Seng (CES) and CES Education (CESE) 

1. Chip Eng Seng (CES) was established in the 1960s by founder, Mr Lim Tiam Seng, as a building subcontractor for landed properties. It has since grown to become one of Singapore’s leading real-estate development, hospitality and construction groups, currently owning a wealth of assets such as large-scale residential development, commercial real estate, hotel, and more recently, educational assets. 

2. In 1999, CES became a public-listed company on the Mainboard of Exchange Securities Trading Limited (now known as Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited [SGX]). 

3. In 2018, CES diversified into the Education sector as a new area of development with sustainable growth and outcomes benefiting society. CES believes that there is also synergy in education leveraging on its many portfolios across the region. 

4. CES Education (CESE) focuses on offering quality solutions in four main areas in the Asia-Pacific region: 

  • • Pre-schools 
  • • K12 schools 
  • • Educational technology companies 
  • • Adult learning 

5. Through CESE’s consistent efforts, CESE has incorporated, partnered or acquired more than 10 brands under its wing – Schools/pre-schools include Invictus International School, Repton Schoolhouse, The Perse School, Whitelodge, William Penn Academy, Penn Junior, EdTech brands include Guangzhou Yuanda and Amdon, and Education Consulting and American Scholar Group. These establishments currently have a foothold in Singapore, Malaysia, China (including Hong Kong), United States of America (USA) and Australia, with plans for further countries. With a breadth of capabilities within its' eco-system of assets, CESE is able to leverage on them to provide for and support entities within the group better. 

About Repton School (Repton) 

1. Repton School (Repton) was founded by Sir John Port, an English Knight, in Derbyshire, England, in the year 1557, and brings with it the rich and tradition-filled history of British Education. 

2. One of the constant key influences of modern-day education, Britain has held and still holds center stage in exerting a powerful influence on global education, through institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge. Repton epitomizes on this niche through boasting a challenging curriculum that blends Technology, Cross-Curricular Enrichments and Project Work into its subjects. Reptonians have consistently shown skills such as Global-Awareness, Curiosity, Self-motivation and Confidence, an astute understanding of Cultural Sensitivities, and even “Soft-skills” like Public Speaking that are imperative in our ever-changing world today. Repton’s breadth has consistently prepared students well for University studies and post-University life. Around 10% of Reptonians are admitted into Oxford and Cambridge annually. 

3. Known for developing a cohesive and nurturing family environment, Repton’s house system allows for Students to be individually monitored and coached. This encourages them to recognize and challenge themselves both socially and academically, proving themselves through inter-house competitions. Emotional and Mental support can be provided with greater speed and ease with the House system, while fostering independence and etiquette through individual living. One of the hallmarks of English Schools, students get a glimpse of adulthood and society from a young age. 

4. With a mission to share Repton’s hallmarks globally, Repton established its’ international arm, Repton International Ltd. Through years of dedication, Repton’s international presence now includes Foremarke Dubai, Repton Egypt, Repton Bulgaria and Repton Singapore. Repton is fast becoming an international community of schools spanned across 3 continents. 

5. Repton has always cherished its’ close links with its’ brands across the globe and has constantly ensured that they espouse similar values and identity, such as the House system and similar academic standards. Being a part of a Repton institution will also allow your child to be a part of its’ strong Alumni network, The Old Reptonian Society, which counts, among others, the likes of Roald Dahl and Jeremy Clarkson. 

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