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The primary objective of the Cafeteria is to ensure:

  • Food service safety – food and beverages prepared and served by the cafeteria meet and/or exceed industry standards in areas relating to shipping, receiving, storage, preparation and holding to name a few.
  • Internal management that assures proper sanitation and control through appropriate food handling practices, training and licensing.
  • Appropriate use of cafeteria facilities, in compliance with the local regulatory requirements.

Menu and Pricing

Menus are planned with an objective of ensuring good nutritional balance. As far as possible, there is incorporation of seasonal and fresh items or ingredients.

In line with the international nature of the curriculum that is offered, the menus are changed regularly, and incorporate ethnic or regional food offering.

Each student is allowed to select a main item from the hot-meal menu, which automatically comes accompanied with vegetables, carbohydrate and a dessert. The student may also select and purchase additional portion of vegetables, salad or fruits. Water is available throughout the meal period, without charge. The exception applies to Early Years students, who will typically have standard meals that have been pre-selected by their parents.

Parents will receive the updated cafeteria menus on a monthly basis.

Key Policies

A. Food handling personnel

  • Unauthorized persons shall not be allowed into the food premises.
  • All food handlers shall possess valid occupational health licenses.
  • All food handlers are required to have general background knowledge on how to prevent food from becoming contaminated, and how to avoid poisoning and illness.

B. Food purchase and handling

  • Food for use in the catering facility shall only be purchased from reliable sources.
  • All supplies of food received at the catering facility shall be inspected by competent food handling employees, to ensure that the goods are 'fit for purposes', before the delivery is accepted.
  • At all times during storage, preparation, display, transportation and serving, food shall be protected from contamination.

C. Food storage

  • Actions shall be taken to maintain adequate storage of all food products.

D. Minimize students' exposure to food allergens

  • Food handling employees shall receive timely updates from School Nurse and/or parents pertaining to the student's dietary needs and requirements.
  • Follow safe food handling practices and appropriate cleaning programmes to avoid the situations of cross-contamination with potential food allergens.
  • To avoid incidents of food allergies, all food shall be clearly labelled if they contain soya, dairy items, eggs, nuts etc.

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