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Excelsior International School aims to provide the student and employee community with a safe and healthy work environment. Serious attempts will be made to minimize recognizable hazards.

Excelsior International School shall comply with all occupational health, safety and fire regulations and recommended practices.

In addition, Excelsior International School shall instill security is to provide a proactive, alert and vigilant observation for possible suspicious persons entering the area of operations.

Key Policies

A. Access control

  • The security personnel shall enforce control and screening of all vehicles and individuals entering and leaving Excelsior International School's premises.
  • All students and employees must possess and display the applicable identity cards when entering the Excelsior International School's premises.
  • All visitors, include contractors or visiting guests, must report to the security personnel upon entry, and obtain their visitor passes. Without the visitor pass, the visitor will not be allowed entry into the main building.

B. Security surveillance

  • The security personnel shall utilize security cameras, and other recording or surveillance devices to facilitate the uphold of general safety and security.
  • Control room equipment and the remote control of cameras shall only be operated by authorized persons acting with the utmost probity.
  • Access to security footages, recordings and other media is restricted to authorized individuals, as determined by Senior Management.
  • Any misuse of the system or materials produced as a consequence which is frivolous, or for private purposes, or is otherwise inconsistent with the School's objectives shall be considered as serious misconduct, and shall be subject to applicable disciplinary actions.

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