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A. Excelsior International School regularly evaluates:

  • General levels of learning within the School.
  • Progress of individual student.
  • Effectiveness of teaching.
  • Appropriateness of the instructional materials.

B. The implementation of student assessment policies follows the following principles and guidelines:

  • Strive to achieve maximum success in all external examinations which reflect its academic standing (summative evaluation). In addition, assessments are essential tools to evaluate the quality of teaching, which aid in the improvement of the education process (formative assessment.
  • The assessment of student achievement is essential for improvement of instruction, and learning and positive reinforcement for every student.
  • The evaluation of individual student achievement should be made within the School's environment and not be based solely on external assessment.
  • Prior to the implementation of an assessment programme, the students will be informed about the objectives for assessment, criteria of measurement, assessment methodologies and administration, as well as the reporting and feedback procedures that will follow.
  • All assessments should be directed toward meeting the students' and the School's educational goals.

C. Reports will be issued at the end of each semester. Copies of the reports will also be made available when the student leaves the School.

D. Formal Progress Reports will be issued following the mid-year and end of year examinations (generally in the period of February and June). The report will focus on 3 key areas:

  • Student's attitude and application to the subject.
  • Student's progress in continuous assessment and project work.
  • Student's results in the examinations for Grade 6 to Grade 12.

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